Pop-up blocker
Applicable Products
My Internet 2010, My Internet V7, Total Defense Internet Security Suite Plus 2010, Total Defense Internet Security Suite Plus V7
Problem Summary
How do I block ads and pop-ups?
Problem Resolution

Ads and pop-ups can be blocked using Pop-Up Blocker Control as described below.


1.    Open Total Defense Security Center.

To do this, from the Start menu, select All Programs, CA, Total Defense Internet Security Suite and Total Defense Security Center.

2.    Click the My Internet panel.

3.    Click the Update Settings link.

The Settings tab with the Network Access sub tab will be selected by default.

4.    Click the Browser Protection sub tab.

5.    If the ON button to the left of Pop-Up Blocker Controll is not green, click this button to enable pop-up blocker.

6.    Click the Advanced Settings link.

7.    Check the boxes for pop-ups you want to block. The types of pop-ups you can control are explained below.

·         Pop-ups. A separate window that pops up when you visit a web page.

·         Pop-unders. A pop-up ad that appears behind the web page window.

·         Banner Ads. A form of advertising that embeds advertisements into a web page.

·         Skyscraper Ads. A vertical banner ad that is significantly taller than 120 x 240.

·         Animated Ads. An animation graphic that advertises on a web page.

8.    Click the Apply button.