How do I activate my Total Defense Internet Security Suite ?
Applicable Products
Total Defense Anti-Virus V8, Total Defense Internet Security Suite Plus 2010, Total Defense Internet Security Suite Plus V7, Total Defense Internet Security Suite V8
Problem Summary
My Total Defense Internet Security Suite/Total Defense Anti-Virus product is not activated. How do I activate it?
Problem Resolution
After the installation of your product is completed, it has to be activated after the reboot of your PC. Total Defense Security Center Window should launch automatically. If it does not, follow the steps given below to activate the product.
1.    Double click on the Total Defense Shield icon in the system tray to open Total Defense Security Center.
2.    On the Security Center window, click on Activate Now button which is on top right hand corner.
3.    If you are trying to modify or update the activation code, click on My Help àView/Update License and then click on Add New button.
4.    Click on Activate Now button. 
5.    If you are installing the product first time, choose the option “Enter your activation code” and type the activation code and click on Next.
NOTE: To locate the activation code/license key, click here.
6.    If you are re-installing the product on the same computer, choose the second option and this will detect the activation codes used your computer. You can select the required key you want to use for activation and click on Next.

7.    If you are not sure about the activation code and if you remember the Total Defense member account information, choose the third option and login with your credentials and click on Next.
8.  You will get successful message of the product activated. Click on Close Window.
NOTE: Activation is mandatory to ensure that your subscription is sync up with our records to ensure you are receiving the latest threat updates.