What is Junk File Test and how do I view it?
Applicable Products
Total Defense PC Tune-Up 3.0, Total Defense PC Tune-Up 4.0
Problem Summary
What is the Junk File Test and how do I view it?
Problem Resolution
Junk files come from several sources. The Recyle Bin holds deleted files so you can retrieve them if you later decide that you should not have deleted them. However, files in Recyle Bin can use a lot of space; emply your Recyle Bin to reclaim this space. Windows and applications create temporary files while they are running. In some cases though, applications do not clean up themselves. Other examples include caches for Internet Explorer and Firefox. Oversize caches can hurt performance on a broadband connection.
To View Junk Files test:

1.    Open Total Defense PC Tune-Up and click on Start Scan.


       Start -> Programs / All Programs -> Total Defense -> Total Defense PC Tune-UP -> Total Defense PC Tune-UP


2.    Once the scan is complete, issues are detected.



3.     Click on Show Details and look for Junk Files Test under Speed category.