Install and Register Total Defense Mobile Security on Android Phones
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Total Defense Mobile Security V1
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How do I install and register Total Defense Mobile Security on Android Phones?
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When you install Total Defense Mobile Security on your Android device, you must enter the license key you received when you purchased the product, and a user name and password to protect your settings and information. The username must be a valid email address and the password must be at least six characters in length.


Important! The email username and password you specify on the device is also used to access the Mobile Protection Center, and email alerts about device activity are sent to the email address you use as your username. To ensure that your child cannot change the settings you configure, we strongly recommend that you do not share the username or password with your child.


In addition, to register, you must have an active Internet connection.


To download, install, and register Total Defense Mobile Security on your Android device


1. Select Menu on the device, select Go to URL, and enter the following URL to start the download process:



    Alternatively, you can email the URL to your device and select the URL from the email to start the download process.


2. Select the application for Android to download the application to your device.


    You are prompted when the download is complete.


3. Select the application to install.


    You are prompted to allow the application to use network communication and phone call components.




4. Select Install to continue.


    The installation begins. The process can take a few minutes to complete. You are prompted when the installation has finished.


5. Select Launch to open the application


    Alternatively, you can select Done to return to your browser and then select the icon from the Applications folder to launch Total Defense Mobile Security.

    The End User Licensing Agreement appears.


6. Click Accept to accept the license agreement. If you select Decline, the application closes.


     The Account Registration screen appears.




7. Enter the following information in the appropriate fields: 

  •  License Key: the key provided when you acquired the application.
  •  Username: a valid email address
  •  Password: a minimum of six characters 

8. Select Register to begin the process.


   The application connects to the Total Defense server, validates your license, and establishes your account. The Total Defense Mobile Security main menu appears when the device is registered successfully. 




    This screen provides access to the features available on the device.  

  •  Anti-Virus provides virus scanning, to protect the device data from malware.
  •  Monitor and Control allows the device to communicate with the Mobile Protection Center.
  •  Backup and Restore protects your contacts and calendar information in the event of a data loss.         

    In addition, you can renew your license, access account information, view version information, and find application updates using the buttons on the main screen.