How do I cancel Automatic Renewal?
Applicable Products
Automatic Renewal, Cancel Automatic Renewal, General(Or All Products) 2010, Total Defense Anti-Virus V8, Total Defense Internet Security Suite V8
Problem Summary
How do I cancel Automatic Renewal?
Problem Resolution
To cancel your Automatic Renewal program, Click Here.
If you have problems canceling automatic renewal via the Cancellation form, please contact Customer Service:
North America Toll Free: 1-877-906-8816
Australia / New Zealand Toll Free: (180) 083-9425
United Kingdom Toll Free: (800) 635-0752
Direct dial: +1(703) 286-6449
You will need the following information to cancel your Automatic Renewal:
  • Your Order Number
  • Your Customer Number
  • Your License Key (or, Activation Code)
  • The name of the product to be cancelled
All of this information can be found in the order confirmation email that is delivered upon purchase.
Please note: If your subscription is enrolled in Automatic Renewal, Total Defense will notify you 30 days prior to license expiration (or code expiration) that your subscription will be automatically renewed and your credit card on file, will be charged at the current renewal rate plus applicable sales tax. At this point, you can still cancel out of Automatic Renewal via the cancellation link in the 30 notification email. Click Here for more information