Unable to remove spyware / virus
Applicable Products
Total Defense Anti-Spyware 2009
Problem Summary
My Total Defense Security Suite is not able to clean spyware (or virus) on my PC. What are my next steps?
Problem Resolution
Problem Cause
  • Windows is not up to date (note that windows updates prevent infections in your PC)
  • The product is not up to date
  • You have only one of these installed – Anti-Virus (or) Anti-Spyware (only a combination of both can work optimally to keep infections at bay)
  • You have not run a complete system scan for a very long time now.
Problem Resolution
Run through the below guidelines if you have symptoms of infections on your PC (like unwanted pop ups, Ads, software getting installed without your knowledge, internet warnings, etc.) :
  1. Run the Microsoft Windows update to apply any critical patches necessary. Please Click Here to run the update utility.
  2. Update both your Total Defense Anti-Virus and Total Defense Anti-Spyware signature files:
                  Update Product
  1. Unplug your network cable or Internet connection to prevent further virus / spyware damage.
  2. Disable the system restore feature. Please Click Here for instructions. (only for Windows XP and ME users)
  3. Restart windows in safe mode. Click here if you need steps to boot in safe mode.
  4. Perform a full system scan with Total Defense Anti-Virus:
                    Scan My Computer for Viruses
7. Perform a full system scan with Total Defense Anti-Spyware:
          Custom Scan
8. The scan results will report to you with the number of infections cleaned on your PC.
9.  After the scan completes, restart your computer.
Back in normal mode, your computer should not have any more infection symptoms.
Note:  If you still have spyware pop ups or some suspicious file or program, please pass this as a sample to our Research Team.  We will provide you with fixes through product updates as early as possible.
Click here for step-by-step guidance to submit a virus sample (or) Click here for step-by-step guidance to submit a spyware sample. 
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