Locating License Keys(or Activation Codes) for Installation
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General(Or All Products) 2010
Problem Summary
The installation asks me to enter my 20-character license key (or equivalent activation code). Where do I find this license key (or code)?
Problem Resolution

The location of your license key (or activation code) depends on how you purchased your product.

You will find the license key (or activation code) in your confirmation email, welcome email, by logging into your online account, in findmyorder.com website, or in the CD sleeve if you purchased the product on a CD. Read further for illustrations.

In your Confirmation email

If you purchased your product from our online website, http://home.ca.com or http://shop.ca.com, your license key (or activation code) is located in your Confirmation email.


Confirmation email


In your Home and Home Office Order History


    To view your Order History

1.      Go to http://shop.ca.com/ and click My Account on the top right corner of the screen.

2.      Enter your Email ID and the password you registered with Total Defense and click Submit to log in.


Login to My Account


The My Account page appears.

Click the product under My Active Subscriptions to view your order information(shown below).


·          Product under My Active Subscriptions

The Order History Detail page appears, listing the license keys (or activation codes) for your order.

Order History Detail

In the findmyorder.com website

·          Please go to http://findmyorder.com.

·          Enter your order number and password OR your email address and the last five digits of your credit card number.

·         Click Find.


Find My Order Login Page

The license keys (or activation codes) of your downloadable software are listed as shown below.

License Keys within findmyorder.com

In your CD sleeve

If you purchased boxed software or a CD Sleeve from an online or retail store, your license key (or activation code) is located inside your CD sleeve on a white sticker label.

CD Sleeve

In your welcome email

If you purchased this product through your Internet Service Provider (ISP), your license key (or activation code) is located in the welcome email sent to you by your ISP.

If you did not receive a welcome email containing the license key(or activation code), contact your ISP for further assistance.

Entering Your License Key (or Activation Code)

When you enter your license key(or activation code), be aware of the following:

n         Ensure that you have not entered any extra spaces before or after the key.

n         If you have your license key (or activation code) within your welcome e-mail, copy your license key (or code) from the e-mail (do not copy extra spaces before or after the license(or code)).

n         Do not include the 10 digit customer number

n         If the Next button in the installation wizard is grayed out, you may not have entered the license (or activation code) completely.

n         Take special care when entering the following frequently confused numbers and letters:

        The number one (1), lower case L (l), and upper case i (I)

        The number zero (0) and the letter O

        The letter X and the letter K

        The number three (3) and the letter J 

        The number four (4) and the letter H