9050 install error
Applicable Products
Total Defense Anti-Spam 2007, Total Defense Anti-Spam 2008, Total Defense Anti-Spyware 2007, Total Defense Anti-Spyware 2008, Total Defense Anti-Virus 2007, Total Defense Anti-Virus 2008, Total Defense DNA Migrator 2007, Total Defense DNA Migrator 2008, Total Defense Internet Security Suite 2007, Total Defense Internet Security Suite 2008, Total Defense Internet Security Suite Plus 2008, Total Defense Personal Firewall 2007, Total Defense Personal Firewall 2008, Total Defense Website Inspector 2008
Problem Summary
Error Code: E9050 / W9050 Error Message Conveys: Unable to load plugin library.
Problem Resolution
Problem Cause
The installer is unable to load Total Defense Parental Controls plug in which helps in creating your administrator password.

Problem Solution

System Requirements

If your computer does not meet minimum system requirements, Total Defense does not give assurance of resolution to this install error.

     1.   Install the rest of the products in the security suite and restart your computer.

Disable startups to remove conflicts
2.      Go to Start > Run (just Start in Vista)
3.      Type msconfig and hit Enter (or click OK)
4.      On the System Configuration Utility box that comes up, click on the Startups tab.
5.      Click on Disable All.
6.      Click on Apply, then on OK
7.      Click OK to restart your computer.

Debug Install
Note: To follow guidelines below, you will need any uncompressing utility like WinZip installed on your computer.
8.   Open Local Disk C: and create a new folder called Extract.
9.      If you have purchased the product from retail store, copy all files from the CD to C:Extract. Jump to step 14
10. If you have purchased the product online, then you will receive a welcome e-mail which contains the correct download link for your product.
11. Please download your product from your welcome e-mail and save it to the folder: C:Extract.
12. Right click on the downloaded file and choose WinZip > Extract to here.
Extract Download
13. A second file gets created. Right click on this second file, choose WinZip > Extract to here.
Extract Again
14. Go to Start > Run (Just Start in Vista)
15. Type cmd and hit enter.
16. On the DOS box, type cd C:Extract and hit enter.
17. Type setup.exe /ShowProductInstall and hit enter:
Debug Install
18.     Follow on-screen instructions and choose only Total Defense Parental Controls to install.
19.     Give your administrator password (and ‘forgot password’ alternative credentials) for Total Defense Parental Controls, when prompted to.

The install will now complete without 9050 error messages.