Download Problems
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General(Or All Products) 2010
Problem Summary
I am not able to download the Total Defense Internet Security Suite/ Total Defense Anti-Virus Security. How do I fix it?
Problem Resolution
Please review the possibilities for these errors listed below:
1.  ISP Connection
You may want to consider attempting your download at a different time of day. The error you have received usually occurs when there is a problem with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) connecting to the Internet due to high Internet traffic.
If it is this type of connectivity issue, please make sure that you are properly connected to the Internet and that you are able to surf other sites without trouble.
2. Internet Settings
You may have to set your Internet settings to the default values. A single incorrect setting can hinder a download attempt.
To do this, go to START / Settings / Control Panel and open up Internet Options.
Click on the "Advanced" tab, and select the "Restore Defaults" option on the bottom of the pop-up screen. Then click okay.
3. Download Accelerators
Download accelerators such as RealDownloads, GoZilla or GetRight can cause the executable file to download incomplete. You will then receive and error that your file is corrupted. Try disabling the download accelerators before attempting the download.
4. Other Programs
Disable any other programs that require an on-going connection to the Internet. Programs such as an automatic email checker may disrupt the download process. If you are running any personal firewall software, make sure you are allowing the connection.
5. Browsers and Modems
The trouble could also be due to an outdated browser or modem driver. Have you attempted to update these on your computer? If not, you may want to go to your modem manufacturer’s website and download the latest modem driver.
Updating your drivers will help speed up your connection and make downloads from our site and other Internet sites faster and easier.
Ø Download the file, when there is less internet activity. Ex: Late in the evening, early in the morning or on weekends. 
Ø If you are connected to the Internet using a standard phone line, disable call waiting and check the line for clarity to make sure voice communication is free of noise and static.
Ø Make sure your hard drive has enough free hard disk space for the file you are downloading. To increase free hard disk space, delete unnecessary files and applications, then run the defragment utility on the hard disk.
6. URL
Ø The URL is case sensitive. If you are typing in the address, please make sure you are typing it exactly as it has been sent to you.
Ø Try clicking on download link from Welcome Email.
Ø Cut and paste the link from your Welcome email into your browsers address field.
Ø Try logging into your account and clicking the DOWNLOAD NOW button to download.
For a quick fix, use Mozilla Firefox to download your Total Defense product
Mozilla Firefox Download problems
1. If Mozilla Firefox is your default browser, please use Mozilla’s advise to check if download issues can be corrected.
2. For a quick fix, use Internet Explorer (available in Start > Programs) to download your Total Defense product.
     Note: Downloads are compatible with both Internet Explorer and Firefox. However, Total Defense product updates and signatures updates demand a minimum of IE version 5.5 or higher on your system. (Even if Firefox is your default browser)
Detect and deal with infections
1. Run the Total Defense Online Virus Scanner for virus detections.
2. Notice that when you have unwanted browser pop-ups, these are spy ware symptoms.
If you have no Total Defense security installed on your PC, and if you detect infections / symptoms; please reach out to Additional Support Options (further help lines at the bottom of this page).
Support will take care of your manual PC clean up before installing our security software.