Unhandled Application Error when trying to activate Total Defense
Applicable Products
Total Defense Anti-Spyware 2009
Problem Summary
I have Total Defense Personal Firewall installed. I'm now trying to install some of the other Total Defense products, but the installer seems to give an error after I enter my activation code.
Problem Resolution


·         ID Theft protection level is set to high

·         Activation code is added to My Safe


1.    Open Total Defense Personal Firewall.

2.    Click on Privacy on the left.

3.    Click on ID Theft across the top.

4.    Set ID Theft protection level to Off or Medium.

ID Theft protection Off

5.    Run your Total Defense installer like before, to enter your activation code again.

If you have the protection level set to Medium in step 4, then accept the firewall prompt that appears when you enter activation code.

6.    Once the installer completes, repeat steps 1 to 3.

7.    Set ID theft protection level back to desired level.